Friday, January 9, 2015

New year new hairstyle❤️

Ignore my messy hair when I was running to car cause raining.
Recently I was participating a contest that are organize by DIVO Hair connection! 
I did not feel so lucky until I won this.
They did a transformation for me.
New year new hairstyle!!
How was it? Hehe.. Really I fall in love with it..
Seriously thanks DIVO Hair Connection to transform me with this hairstyle.
They decide everything for me!
I was so excited for the result and after done seriously I was WOW!! Amazing.
Thanks for the hairstylish for the makeover. 
They did help me take the before and after photo! I was so nervous in the photo..haha (1st time ma)

The environment is super amazing!!
They serve you with tea too.
Not only the environment, the people there was so friendly and nice.
CNY is around the corner, is time to pamper and change ur hairstyle.
Kindly check them out if interested.


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Flash back 2014.

2014 coming to the end.

Time flies. Feel like couldn't believe 2014 is in the end.

This year was a tough year for me.

It's like roller coaster ups and down

Sad, Happiness, stress, angry and many others feelings.

But I was grateful for everything that happen on this 2014.
I have learned many this year
I have learn from mistake, learn to be more stronger, learn...

I also feel so grateful to have a good people always beside me giving me motivation, cheering me up when I was down and etc. 

This year many things making my feelings down and even over thinking. 
Giving up on studies? Exhausted? Yeap.. but at last i did not gave up.
I share my thoughts with my mum, brother and even friends
But they keep cheering me up.
They did not feel annoyed on me, they borrow me their ears.
I feel so appreciate on that.
Feel so glad to have them in my life.

I told myself not to keep cry, but this year too many unhappy yet stress things bother me.
I promise myself not for 2015.
Sad things will past. Look forward.
'Stand up yourself when you drop'

Happy Family

Thanks my friends who keep stand beside me cheering me up when I'm down.
You all mean a lot to me.
Other then Thanks still Thanks =)

Lee Hom concert which is full of memories to me.
Thanks for the concert tickets.

This year is also a year where I started my own online shopping with my partner/friend.
Instagram: L.93collection
Is not easy to started, but we tried our best to build up and we put lotss of effort on it.
We will make it better for the coming year.

This year is also my 21st birthday.
But I prefer to have a great birthday with my families and some of my friends.
What I want is just a simple birthday celebration.
A time for us to gather, chit-chat and laughing around.
Thanks for making an awesome day to me.

Last year, I wanted to join gym for a long time.
This year, my dream come true.
I wish to slim down...guess what? 
This year I try my best to achieve what I want, and YES I achieved.
But in 2015, I will do it more better and achieve more.

Krabi, Uk Farm and Sekinchan is the place I visited this year.
This year was a really busy year for me.
So I managed to went for this few place after my exam.
I enjoyed for this few trip.
I love travel.
Travel make me forget all the stress and problem
I can temporaly forget all the problem.
Hope for more travel next year.
Looking forward for that.

I make 2 wish this year. 
Hope my wish can achieve.

A most memorable day, Ice bucket challenge.
We accept the challenge and of course I donated.
The main purpose of it was to make some donation.

In 2014, was worst year. But I've faced it!
How hard was it also is already a past.
Look forward for 2015
I wish to achieve more and more for the coming new year.
realize all my dream and wish.

2015 coming and Let's faced it with the positivity.
Good things will come.

P.S. My heart goes to all the flood victims, and deepest condolences to the families of QZ8501. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Day trip to Sekinchan and I-city♥

Is time for vacation after the exam.
But this time is one day trip to Sekinchan and I-city.
Sekinchan is a super natural place where a place to relax!
I like the view so much.
A place where you can temporaly put down all your stress and problem.


Vacation End and is time to back to realityyyy =(
Hope for the next vacation♥