Friday, January 9, 2015

New year new hairstyle❤️

Ignore my messy hair when I was running to car cause raining.
Recently I was participating a contest that are organize by DIVO Hair connection! 
I did not feel so lucky until I won this.
They did a transformation for me.
New year new hairstyle!!
How was it? Hehe.. Really I fall in love with it..
Seriously thanks DIVO Hair Connection to transform me with this hairstyle.
They decide everything for me!
I was so excited for the result and after done seriously I was WOW!! Amazing.
Thanks for the hairstylish for the makeover. 
They did help me take the before and after photo! I was so nervous in the photo..haha (1st time ma)

The environment is super amazing!!
They serve you with tea too.
Not only the environment, the people there was so friendly and nice.
CNY is around the corner, is time to pamper and change ur hairstyle.
Kindly check them out if interested.


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